About the Broccoli Fly


The source of this website is freely available in this GitHub repository. The images are licensed under the CreativeCommons BY license, while the rest is available under the MIT license. This means you are free to take everything, modify it, redistribute it, sell it, whatever; but the creator ("BroccoliFly") has to be mentioned if the content is one of the images. This was chosen for protection of the great Fly.

The Broccoli Council

The BroccoliFly council is a GitHub organization. It will be managed democratically, and will have the power to make changes to this site.

To be included in the council, you can contribute to this site, or spread the word about the Broccoli Fly effectively.


Contributions to the site of the BroccoliFly are happily accepted, if they are of good quality, and the majority of the members of the Broccoli Council agree to the changes.

We would be very happy to be able to include more Broccoli Fly artwork on this site. Improvements to the text, and design are always great. Just send a pull request to broccolifly/broccolifly.com